Europe For Citizens

“Cultural Heritage – A Foundation in the Construction of Europe’s Future” was a Cities Network project promoted by the Alqueidão Parish Council.

It aimed at the participation and approximation of different European partners such as Portugal, Spain, Malta, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Latvia, France and Estonia; providing the opportunity to participate in common activities, promoting understanding and tolerance, contributing to the development of a respectful, dynamic and multifaceted European identity.

The project objectives, in line with the priorities of the Europe for Citizens programme, aimed to create a cohesive transnational network open to the values of friendship, solidarity, intercultural dialogue and interaction between citizens and to encourage the largest number of participants, especially young people, to discover and explore Europe’s cultural heritage, strengthening the sense of belonging to a common space, through an innovative approach to the use and knowledge of heritage through the massive use of ICT.


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